Experience the real Spain

From the main entrance you can walk directly into the house's open and roomy patio with many of the architectural details which are typical of Andalucian houses from this period. On hot day a shade will be pulled over the patio to keep direct sunlight out. And the patio is of course the place when one wants to relax with a glass of cold sherry after a long and busy day in the sun.

The main dining room covers an area of approx. 50 sq. meters. With it's fireplace, richly ornamented, windows that opens up to the patio downstairs, with a height of 5.5 meters with walls painted in white an light yellow, this is a room that can be used for everything from a quick breakfast to a five course dinner."More than 500 sq. meters can be rented"-Casa Jerezana

Marbeled floors in all rooms
Nice and quiet patio